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What is Akyol Denizcilik's Privacy Policy and Practices?

Akyol Denizcilik attaches importance to the privacy needs and wishes of its customers. This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about what information we collect about you, how we use them, who we share with, and the options you have about using this information.

This Privacy Policy explains details about how we collect data and how we use your information because we believe that you should be as aware of our practices as possible to make the right decisions.

Collection of Your Information.

Where personal identification information can be obtained, for example: records on our website, Akyol Maritime Customer Card application, registration for competitions or sweepstakes, and purchases made through our stores or mail order. We collect personally identifiable information, contact information such as: name, postal address, email address and phone number, credit card and authentication information for foreign visitors such as credit card number and passport number and / or ID card numbers for Turkish citizens, your boat or and other relevant information as well as your boating preferences.

When you visit us on the internet, you may also collect certain non-personal promotional information such as the type of browser you use, the domain name of your internet service provider, what pages you have entered, how much time you spend on each page, and the total number of visits you are interested in, such as products and services. The information we get from you during your visit helps us improve our site, respond to your requests and personalize your shopping experience with Akyol Shipping.

Use of Your Information.

We know that you care about how to use and share information about you, and we value your trust in us that we will do it in a precise and precise way. We use the personal information you provide to answer all your questions about our products and services and for various marketing and advertising purposes. By giving your personally identifiable information to us, you expressly agree to receive this information and to send it to you.

In addition, other companies and persons are assigned to perform some functions on our behalf. Examples include website hosting and development, fulfillment of orders, package delivery, mail message or email, removal of repeated information from the customer list, data analysis, marketing support and processing of credit card payments. These companies and / or individuals are only allowed to access the personal information they need to perform their functions. The persons and institutions that we have contracted for outsourced services are required to keep the information they receive from us confidential and use only for the purposes specified.

In order to strengthen our ability to serve you, tailor our content to you, and offer you the opportunity to purchase products and services that we think you might be interested in, we may support the information we collect from time to time with external records. In addition, we may share your information with other companies with strategic or marketing relations when necessary. Some of these companies may use your personal information for their own marketing purposes or to send you information about the products and services that you may be interested in. However, please note that when you provide personal information to such a person or organization, for example, by registering with their own membership organization or by purchasing products or services directly from them, the way in which they collect and use this information will be subject to their respective privacy policies and conditions and will be subject to will have no control over your use of your information.

In addition, in order to comply with the laws or the legal process, for example: a court order, court order, or in response to the request of the administrative authorities, or to protect the rights and assets of Akyol maritime,, our users, marketing partners or other persons, or If we think it is necessary, your personal information may be disclosed. This includes exchange of information with other companies and organizations in order to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk. In addition, in the event that all or a significant portion of Akyol Denizcilik's shares and / or assets are transferred or sold to another entity, your personal identification information may also be transferred to the acquirer.

Out of Scope

This Privacy Policy both through our website and your website, as well as your personal information. If you do not wish to receive special offers and promotional e-mails from us, please fill out the registration forms on our website and let us know by clicking the arı I do not want to receive e-mail iy option box. You can also opt out of the list of promotional e-mails by going back to the arı preferences e section after registration. If you register outside our website, for example by filling out a registration form in one of our stores, and / or if you provide us with your postal address, you may be able to receive regular mail messages about products and services or future events from us or other institutions in which we share your information. Please note that getting out of the scope of receiving promotional materials by e-mail will not prevent you from receiving such materials by mail. If you do not wish to receive promotional materials by mail, you can contact our customer representatives by calling 0242 746 84 20.

Upon our request to opt out, we will make every reasonable effort to delete your personal information from our database as soon as reasonably possible. However, it should be kept in mind that even if you choose to opt out of promotional messages / mail, important messages about services, such as: order confirmation or product safety information, will continue to be sent to you. Such messages / mails will not be / are not advertising or promotional. Therefore, you should not expect all personal promotional information to be completely deleted from our databases based on your request to opt out.

Protection of Personal Information of Children

East Marine is sensitive to protecting children's safety and privacy. Personal information about children or children is not intended to be deliberate or particularly unintentional. In particular, there is no marketing for children. We sell children's products to be purchased by adults.

However, detailed information on the purposes of processing your personal data by East Marine can be found at the East Marine Shipping and Tourism Joint Stock Company's Protection and Processing of Personal Data Policy, available at

Cookies (Cookies)

You can find detailed information about cookies from the Cookie Policy of East Marine Shipping and Tourism Company,


Akyol Denizcilik uses one of the best security systems available. Your privacy and security are very important to us. When you log in to your account, Akyol Denizcilik automatically checks to see if you have a secure connection. Akyol Denizcilik uses Secure Sockets Layer, an encryption technology that works with the following browsers.

As part of Akyol Denizcilik's privacy and security practices, we do not keep your credit card number in your membership file or order history. Please give us your credit card number during each purchase.

Other Legal Notices

Our Privacy Policy is not only relevant to Akyol Denizcilik, but also to other companies or organizations that we are related to, link to or provide information to. Entering third-party websites or resources requires that you leave our website. Third party websites or their contents are not controlled by us, and any content, policies, malfunctions, advertisements, products, services or activities of these websites and / or any loss, loss, caused or caused by or related to these websites. You acknowledge that we have no responsibility or liability for such third party websites, including, but not limited to, any defects or problems. Akyol Denizcilik recommends that you review all the policies, rules, terms and regulations of each website you visit, including their privacy policies.

Akyol Denizcilik reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time, depending on your comments or our need to accurately reflect changes in the applicable legislation and / or data collection and disclosure practices. If such a change is made, we will publish a statement on our website and you will have the opportunity to de stay out of the scope e of these new applications by contacting us. If you are concerned about how the information is used, please visit our website on a regular basis to review our existing Privacy Policy and other relevant policies. In addition, following the publication of these Privacy Policy changes, you are required to continuously monitor or use our website and to do business with Akyol Denizcilik permanently. This Privacy Policy is not intended to constitute contractual or other legal rights to any party and does not constitute such a right.

Akyol Denizcilik is committed to keeping your personal information private. To this end, we have implemented appropriate physical, electronic and administrative procedures to maintain and maintain data security and to use the information gathered correctly.